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Super King (6"0)

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Super King Size Divan Beds

Sleep like you’re in a 5-star hotel every night with a super king size divan bed. At a whopping 6ft 6in (198cm) long by 6ft (183 cm) wide, the super king divan bed is the largest we have on offer.

Super king beds are also sometimes referred to as “extra” king size beds.

Fully customise your super king size bed the way you want it.

All of the super king size divan beds we sell are actually handmade right here in the UK by our expert team.

So if you’re looking for a super king size bed with storage, then we’ve got plenty of options. From 2 – 4 drawers, at whichever side or end of the bed you like.

Other great customisable features include:

  • Choose the super king divan bed base you like, in whichever colour you like
  • Wheels or gliders to easily move these big beds about
  • A great selection of mattresses to adjust your comfort settings
  • Match it all up with a divan bed headboard fabric and style of your choosing
Super affordable, super king divan bed and mattress sets

Because of our well-established position in the bed manufacturing industry, we are able to make and deliver super king bed and mattress sets at cheaper rates than our competitors.

Our cheap super king size beds are set at prices that are among the lowest on the Internet. If you order today, we can build and deliver your bed within a week at no extra charge.

The benefits of a super king divan bed

A divan bed base of a super king size has a width that is just perfect if you need the freedom to move about and to change sleeping positions easily for a good night’s sleep. For this reason, super king beds are popular with couples. If you’re tall, then a super king also leaves plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable.

A super king divan bed — and especially one with four drawers for storage — also doubles up as a great storage space to declutter your room. With a divan super king storage bed, and at affordable prices, now everyone can get the perfect night’s sleep.

If a super king bed is a bit too big, then check out our regular king size divan beds. They’re equal in length but a bit smaller in width.


What size is a super king bed?

Width is 6ft (193cm) with a length of 6ft 6” (198cm). These super king size dimensions make the super king the biggest type of bed currently available.

Is a super king the same as two singles?

Kind of. Super king beds are actually bigger than two singles put together because they are three inches longer by default. But a super king would be the same width as two singles if you put them together.

How much wider is a super king than a king?

1ft (30cm) wider. A super king is an entire foot wider than a regular king bed. You will certainly notice and feel the difference. Both bed sizes are the same length, however.