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Double (4"6)

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Double Divan Beds | 4ft 6” Frames

Double divan beds provide plenty of space without dominating the bedroom. They are perfect for couples, teenagers and singletons wanting a little extra stretching space.

4ft 6” divan beds were once considered the golden-standard bed size until the creation of the larger king-size-beds and super-king-size-beds beds — and they are still one of the most popular sizes on the market today. Divan double beds are also middle-ground for price. They are the perfect compromise for couples looking to buy a bed without sacrificing space or spending lots of money — or for anyone wanting to spruce up a guest room.

If storage and style are important, then a double divan with drawers or a lifting mechanism is the way to go. Our Ottoman bed lift right up, providing enormous storage space for bedding, clothing, shoes — and just about everything else.

Only after a double divan base or frame? Click on any one of our beds and you will have the option to select the base alone and order it. White divan double beds are also very popular. Simply search ‘white’ on our search bar for the entire collection.

Double Divan Beds | 4ft 6” Frames

We stock divan double beds in a range of styles and designs with many comfort grades, spring counts, colours and finishes. Including:

If you’re really limited on space check out our Ottoman bed divan beds. There’s still room for a comfortable night’s stay for two people, and they are not as wide (6 inches fewer) which makes all the difference.

Our double divan beds for sale are handmade right here in the UK. So for quality assurance and to support a local business, check out our cheap double divan bed with mattress and headboard deals today.


Is a double bed enough for two?

Definitely. A double bed was once considered the golden standard size for couples, and two people can sleep on one comfortably. However in recent years, the trend has been upwards: single people prefer to sleep in doubles, and couples prefer to sleep in the even larger queen or king-size beds.

Is a double bed the same as a queen bed?

No. A double bed is smaller. A queen-size bed is about 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double bed.

Why is a double bed called a double?

Because there only used to be two mattress sizes. A ‘single’ size and a double (or ‘full’) size. The ‘double’ was named so because it was big enough for two people to sleep on it. It wasn’t until the 1950s that manufacturers started making the larger king and queen bed sizes.