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Single Divan Beds with Storage (3ft)

Get a good rest and free up space at the same time with our single divan beds with storage options. A 3ft divan bed is ideal for children, guestrooms, as a space saver, and for adults sleeping alone.

[H2] Fully customisable, low-cost single divan beds — for a cosy night’s sleep

Pick your favourite single divan bed base with storage options along with the colour, headboard, and feet that you like best. We’ll build it and have it delivered over to you within 7 days.

Comfort is essential, but looks are also important. That’s why we offer a range of single divan bed bases from traditional, vintage, to more intricate styles. All of our small single divan beds are handmade in the UK for quality and to meet the expectations of the latest fashions, styles and décors. Mix and match for the look you desire and blend it perfectly with the interior design of your home.

Single divan beds you might want to check out include:

Quality, low-cost single divan beds with storage.

These single divan bed base deals are perfect for singletons, teenagers or young kids. If you really are limited to space then a single divan bed with storage drawers is especially useful.

Normally you can only get a single divan with two drawers. But they are very handy for putting away items such as bedding, room accessories and other belongings. With single divan bed bases, you can put a surprising amount of goods away.

Still looking for that perfect small divan bed? We can help.

If you’re shopping with a child in mind then you may want to check out our kids’ beds page for our collection of “fun” single divan bed with mattress sets. Here you will find single beds, bunk beds, and even a single ottoman bed with massive storage potential for all of those toys — all with a 3ft divan base.


Are single beds for adults?

Yes. A single-sized bed is suitable for most adults. However, if you are quite tall or broad, it might be worth looking at a slightly larger in size (4ft) small double divan bed. A single divan bed is ideal as an occasional sleeping place for guests. Or for children, teenagers, and many adults.

What is the length and width of a single bed?

A ‘standard’ small single bed is 3 feet wide by 6 feet (3’0” x 6’3”). Or 90cm wide by 190cm long. This is the traditional size.